The Bacalles Award

The Bacalles Award

George Bacalles was instrumental in getting the Corning-Painted Post Sports Hall of Fame started and was an ardent supporter of all sports in our community.  However, he was particularly interested in our high school athletic programs – dating way back to 1927 – and as such established this award in 1978 to encourage and recognize the achievements of our best high school athletes.  Mr. Bacalles served as business manger of the original Corning All High Group, and he was also at one time sports editor of the Leader. After his death, the Bacalles family continued to recognize our outstanding high school athletes by reestablishing the award in the memory of George Bacalles.

 Nomination and Selection Criteria

  1. The award is to be given to one female and one male Senior athlete from both East and West High School.
  2. The recipients must have demonstrated:
    • Outstanding performance as a member of a high school athletic team for at least one season.
    • Exemplary character and citizenship
    • Solid academic performance – generally interpreted to mean no failing grades and no unsatisfactory effort marks.
  3. If the choice has to be made between two or more athletes who are deemed to be equally outstanding in one sport, the “tie-breaking” criteria shall be (in order):
    • Excellence in multiple sports
    • Character and citizenship
    • Academic performance 

Selection Procedure

Each high school coach will be asked to nominate one athlete from each team he/she coaches.  (In the case of district teams, the coach can nominate one athlete from East and one from West. In the case of teams consisting of both male & female athletes, the coach can nominate one female and one male athlete).

These nominations are to be made in writing (using the enclosed form) to the Building Athletic Manager by  January 18 .

The Building Athletic Manager shall convene a committee consisting of the Building Athletic Manager plus a minimum of 6 coaches (1 coach of a female team and 1 coach of a male team from each of the 3 seasons) to discuss the merits of each nominee.  (Coaches on district teams may serve on the committees for both schools)  Following a discussion of the candidates, the final selection – which is to be completed by January 31 – shall be made by secret ballot, with each coach and Building Athletic Manager present having one vote, and with a majority vote of all present required to decide the outcome.  In the case of a lack of a majority vote, a second vote will be taken involving the top two candidates only (including all who are tied for the two highest numbers of votes).

2010 Bacalles Award Winners


​2015 Bacalles Award Winners

Sara Grapevine, Kyle Grimaldi, Madeline Tayolr and Ryan Walker ​

2016 Bacalles Award Winners

Hailey Bicknell, Olivia LeBaron, Daniel Madden and Devon Sullivan ​​

2017 Bacalles Award Winners

Lauren Ford, Jessica Lawson, Kevin Moshier, and Aidan Olmstead


2018 Bacalles Award Winners

Connie Hou, Gabrielle Jankowski, Cian Collins, Jason Rodriguez 


2019 Bacalles Award Winners

Cleo Baker, Lindsley Butler, Derik Lisi, Adam Zingler  

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