Bowling - 1997

Dave Bates began his bowling career at Corning Bowl in 1970 and for the past 20 years he has been considered one of the top bowlers in the Corning Bowling Association along with being one of the best in the Bath Bowling Association. He has registered over 100 series of 700 or better with his first one coming in January of 1978 at Crystal Lanes. Crystal Lanes was also the scene of his only 800 series - a career best score of 816 in February of 1996. Dave has also authored four 300 games and a couple of 299 games with three of those perfectos coming out of Crystal Lanes. Nine times in the past 12 years Dave has been named to the All-City team with four of them being First-Team nominations. After taking two years off in the early 1990s, Dave has averaged over 220 for the past two years. He has been on league and city championship teams over a dozen times and was the All-Events champion in the 1984 Bath City Tournament. For years Dave has been considered one of the best spare bowlers in the local association. Dave was inducted into the Corning Bowling Hall of Fame in 1993. He is currently living in Bath, but bowls twice a week in Corning leagues with another All-City berth on the horizon.