Contributor - 2001

Neil Bulkley was the first men's basketball coach and athletic director at Corning Community College. Following his graduation from the University of Buffalo in 1962, Neil found a home on the hill when he joined the CCC staff as health and physical education instructor and men's basketball coach. He later added the duties of athletic director. With the growth of the athletic program going at a tremendous pace, Neil gave up the reins of the bas​ketball team to C­PP Hall of Famer Wayne Kenner and concentrated his efforts as being the Director of Athletics. As the campus at CCC grew, so to did the athletic department and the number of teams the Red Barons fielded. Neil stayed at the helm of the CCC athletic depart​ment for over 30 years, retiring in 1995. One of Neil's passions following his retirement from CCC is working for the development of the Valley Rim hiking trail that circles the higher ridges of the Corning area. He and his wife still make Corning their residence.