Bowling - 1996

Jean Cortright (Corning) has been one of the top lady bowlers in Corning Bowling Association since the early 1970s and is still at the top of the average sheets of the first ladies in the Corning area to use a full fingertip grip...has captured over a dozen league championships in some of the toughest women’s leagues in the city...was a member of two city tournament championship teams with Sonny's girls, a team consisting of Jean and her four sisters...has been named to the All-City first and second teams a number of times in the past ten years...has averaged over 180 for the past dozen years including a high mark of 194 during the 1994-95 season...serves as the secretary of the Corning Bowling Council...has served as an officer or member of the board of directors of Corning Women's Bowling Association, youth bowlers programs, numerous committees and tournaments-Jean has given as much back to the sport of bowling as she has taken out of it.