Football - 2010

ROBERT DORAN graduated from Corning East in 1971 as one of the finest quarterbacks to ever play the position for the Trojans. Bob, affectionately known as the ‘General’ began his career at East as a defensive back in his sophomore season. As a junior, Bob became the starting quarterback, leading East to a 4-3-1 record. It was an a senior that he showed his Hall of Fame abilities, leading the Trojans to their first undefeated season with n 8-0 record. He was named to the All-STC, First Team as he led the league in passing with over 700 yards and captured the Total Yardage title with 932 total yards from scrimmage. Two games stand out from the unbeaten season. A 14-0 win over EFA that secured the STC crown and a 4-0 win over Sayre on the strength of two defensive safeties. Bob scored the first TD over EFA and sat with an injury in the Sayre game, where the lack of offensive scores proved how valuable Bob’s offensive play was to the team. That his leadership abilities were second to none was cleared demonstrated by the fact that he became the first QB to ever be allowed to call his own plays under coach Bill Johnson.