Mike Giannone

Contributor - 2003

Mike Giannone has been stalwart in the Corning Small Fry Football League for the past 20 years, coming in on the ground floor with the organization of the league. He has to his credit one of the best winning percentages, with an overall record of 83-44, of all coaches, but his style is not about winning and losing. It's about teaching the kids the game of football and along the way, the game of life as it is handed to you. His influence on his young players can be seen on the rosters of all sports at both high schools. He is prouder of 'his' kids accomplishments than of anything he does. Mike is also known for the charitable contributions he has made over the years with his band, Sam Pallet. Some of those benefits include raising money for the Corning Small Fry league and the West High baseball team.