John Heffner

Bowling - 2003

John Heffner, has been a fixture in the Corning bowling scene for almost 30 years and during that time he has been one of the finest bowlers in the association. During the past 20 years John has been named to the All-City teams a half-dozen times. He first averaged over 200 for a season over 20 years ago (1981-82) and has averaged at least 200 for the past seven years. He is still going strong after turning in a 210 average last season, the highest of his career. John also has a couple of 300 games to his credit including one last season. He has also rolled a number of 700s over his career. John has been more than just a bowler over the years, having given back to the sport as a member of the local men's board of directors as well as a number of positions as a league officer. John is also a member of the Corning Men's Bowling Association Hall of Fame.