Basketball - 2010

LARRY HOLDEN wasn’t the type of basketball player that would impress everyone with all the big numbers for points in a game. All Larry ever did was help his team win games and he did it without a lot of fanfare. He was the playmaking (they call it point now) guard for the Northside High School basketball for two seasons in the late 1950s. While guys like C-PP Hall of Famers Terry Beck, Paul Colacecchi, John Heck and Loren Eaton scored all the points and grabbed all the rebounds, it was Larry Holden who distributed the basketball and ran the offense. He was the assist leader on the Tigers team by a long shot and the players to a man will tell you they would not have been nearly as good a team without Larry at the helm. Larry did average around eight points per game but it was his ball-handling and guard play (they didn’t keep assist records in those days) that made him so valuable. He was the leader of the Northside team as a junior and senior, and during his senior season he helped guide the Tigers to an 18-3 record before losing in the Sectional semi-finals to East Rochester. His Hall of Fame nomination was enthusiastically endorsed by all of his teammates.