Golf - 2012

Mike Heib is a graduate of Corning East High School and Cortland State University as a member of the golf teams and an outstanding skier. He has been connected to the Corning Country Club for 39 years, beginning in 1973 as an assistant pro under Charlie Keating. In 1991 Mike took over at Corning as the head professional and still holds that position to this day. During his career at Corning, Mike has done more for local golf than perhaps anyone else. He has taught thousands of people how to play golf, has run more tournaments for charity and other events than anyone could count, runs the pro shop and has served on the Board of Directors at Corning County Club. His expertise during the 30 year run of the LPGA Corning Classic was immeasurable. Mike has had dozens of assistants over the years who have gone on to enjoy very successful careers in the world of golf throughout the country. CCC is also the home course for the school district team and they have supported those youngsters with a great deal of pride. Mike is also a certified Professional Ski Instructor. He spends his winters in Aspen, Colorado and his summers in Corning. Two very lucky cities.