Motorsports - 2000

Todd Luckner has been involved in drag racing as a participant, performer and in many other ways for the past forty years. He has built and prepared cars all those years, not only for himself but for other competitors as well, at his garage business on Winfield Street in Corning. Todd first became interested in the drag racing aspect of motorsport s when he was a young man and his first cars were built with the old Ford flathead V-8 engine. He and close friend, the late Nate Hughes, competed in Class D drag racing all across the Northeast and dominated at places such as Savannah, Cicero, Montgomery and Watkins Glen. Todd held the record for the Class D dragsters for many years. Unfortunately the drag racing venues never kept up to date records and it's impossible to guess just how many races and events Todd won during his career. Today Todd races a 1923 Model T Ford Roadster that carries a 350 Chevrolet engine. During the opening ceremonies in November of 1998, of the Racing Across New York exhibit at the New York State Museum, Todd was there as a special guest. Todd still lives in Corning as his business on Winfield Street is still going strong.