Football - 2008

JOHN WOOD graduated from Corning West High in 1985 and following a very successful football career with the Vikings, took his talents to Mansfield University. He led West High to the Sectional Championship in 1984 from both sides of the ball when he scored a touchdown on offense and recorded five sacks on defense. He was named  the  Defensive  Player  of  the  Game  as  the  Vikings  beat  EFA,  25­6.  John  was  Corning  West's  leading receiver  for  catches  and  yards  while  leading  the  defense  with  sacks.  He  was  named  AII­ League and AII Twin Tiers as a  senior.  While at  Mansfield,  John  became  one  of  the  best  receivers  in  the  school's  history. He finished his career for the Mounties with 127 receptions for 1,505 total yards and nine touchdowns. He is listed as fourth all ­time at Mansfield for receptions and fifth all ­time for reception yardage. John was named to the PSAC all ­league, second team as a junior and was named to the PSAC, First Team as a senior. John is currently the assistant principal at EFA.